Mr. Jacques Lavoie, Founder
Jacques begins very early to play in the ground, he went into business in the early 80s, when he creates Lavoie & Filles Equipements Lourds Inc. nature bestowed him with girls. He quickly made his name and his reputation was already known when he bought the landscape at 10,630 Boul. Henri- Bourassa Est , Rivière des Prairies. At that time, the inventory was already more than a hundred units .
Being a generous straight-forward man, he always manage to achieve its goal: to accommodate his client, make him satisfied. He tells you, he explains you everything about heavy equipment with enthusiasm and passion. He can build and demolish a truck verbally in 5 minutes while explaining in detail all the secrets of these mechanical devices.
Our President and Founder , has traveled through different countries to promote a part of his company , which is the Import- Export. He met many business people and important figures in the International Trade. Hi is renowned for his ability to communicate, to facilitate and its availability.
Jacques thank you for your contribution to the business world !
Mrs Denyse Lavoie, Co-founder
Denyse has many years of experience in business management. Central pillar of the company, she attended Jacques Lavoie since its inception in excavation. When deciding a few years later to trade heavy equipment , Denyse will implement the appropriate management systems and acquire the knowledge necessary for the efficient administration of this new company.
J. Lavoie Équipements Lourds then will expand and install the 10630 Boul. Henri -Bourassa East with a land area of 160,000 square feet.
Always hungry for new knowledge, Denyse then creates a service to carriers. The service will first and foremost be oriented toward bulk freight. And all carriers seeking expertise for the license transfer will look for Denyse Lavoie to represent them at the Commission des Transports du Québec (CTQ ) .

Always listening to its customers, Denyse works in partnership with various companies and financial institutions and serves on various Boards of Directors on the Island of Montreal . She meets deadlines and timelines , is working to get to the bottom of things.
The future is assured !

Mrs Caroline Lavoie

President of Lavoie et Filles, International Relations Development  for J. Lavoie Equipements Lourds , she has extensive experience especially in the field of bulk transport. Her dynamism, interpersonal skills and expertise  reveal an impressive track record , which allows carriers to drive with confidence when they require the services of Lavoie et Filles . Inexhaustible source in the development of entrepreneurship , Caroline , seasoned entrepreneur,  is constantly working on new projects, gathering information , puts everything in motion and complete projects .

With Caroline , welcome aboard the train , because with her the Way is drawn and you arrive at your destination .

In addition, she represents and assists its clients at the Commission des Transports du Québec , respect and enforces the regulations on carriers and their businesses.

Consequently, she works closely with an expert in the Road Safety Code , she also has the ability to surround herself with a versatile and multi-functional team in various fields of industry , such as trucking, the taxi , limousine , bus and SAAQ.  Under the watchful eye of the vigilant Carolina , the clientele that enjoys the services of J.Lavoie Équipements Lourds leaves with a completed file confirming that they have received all the relevant information about their case.

Come and meet her ! !
She will be happy to inform you !

                 10655 Henri-Bourassa Est
            Bureau 105
            Montréal, Québec
           Code Postal: H1C 1G7
             Télécopieur: 514 648-4626

The secret of this family business is to prioritize the customer before anything else so that he knows he has our "ATTENTION."
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